al-Raqmiyyāt: Digital Islamic History

Reading Traditional Sources with Nontraditional Methods

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Computational Reading of Arabic Biographical Collections: Dissertation online @ U of Michigan

Toward Abstract Models for Islamic History

Digital Humanities + Islamic & Middle East Studies: Webcast of the Event @ Brown University

Prospects of Computational Reading

Digital Humanities in Middle East Studies: (at MESA, New Orleans, October 11)

50 Seconds of Islamic History, v.2.x

The Encyclopaedia of Arabic Poetry: developed by Cultural Foundation, Abu Dhabi

Islamic World, 661-1300 CE

Python Functions for Arabic

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Written by Maxim Romanov

Research fellow (PhD in Near Eastern Studies, U of Michigan, 2013) at the Humboldt Chair for Digital Humanities [Institut für Informatik], University of Leipzig. He studies Islamic historical texts with computational methods, currently focusing on the analysis of multivolume biographical and bibliographical collections.